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About us

During the first 3 years of operations in Spain, Prestamos Prima has become the market leader for consumer loans and registered three trademarks. The company offers a range of products, including short term and personal loans, vehicle-secured leasebacks, mortgage-secured loans, as well as loans secured by different kinds of professional licenses.

The rapid expansion is continuously supported by sophisticated IT, security and risk management improvements.

In Prestamos Prima, we are continuously seeking and finding new ways to provide accessible financing for ever-increasing number of people in Spain and beyond. Since launching our operations in Spain, we have invested a great amount of time and resources towards researching and understanding the market. We keep stakes in loans issued, ensuring payback discipline from the borrowers, and portfolio quality for the investors.

Our development

September 2011

VIASMS.ES founded in Barcelona, Spain


January 2012

VIASMS.ES starts operations


February 2013

25'000 clients registered


August 2013

Loan portfolio reaches EUR 1'000'000

November 2013

Prestamos Prima founded


December 2013

VIASMS.ES becomes a member of AEMIP

February 2014

Office in Madrid opened


May 2014

Loan portfolio reaches EUR 5'000'000


May 2014

Prestamos Prima signs 100th deal


October 2014

75'000 clients registered

November 2014

Moved to new office in Passeig de Gracia


December 2014

Loan portfolio reaches EUR 10'000'000


April 2015

100'000 clients registered

May 2015

CocheGO starts operations

June 2015

VIASMS.ES rebrands to TWINERO and carries out a major technical overhaul


June 2015

Prestamos Prima registers 500th deal


June 2015

Loan portfolio reaches EUR 30'000'000

December 2015

Became a part of Moscow-based Finstar Financial Group

February 2016

Viventor is nominated for European FinTech Awards


April 2016

EUR 1 Million invested through Viventor

May 2016

Viventor invited to MoneyConf and Pioneers as Top FinTech Startup

June 2016

Viventor voted amongst Top 5 European peer-to-peer lending platforms (via P2P-Banking)


To be the one and only loan broker for all of our customers, providing the most accessible and affordable financing services for any situation.



We don't believe in hidden fees and surcharges. We believe in alternative financing that relies on disclosure and transparency for all involved parties.


Whether borrowing or lending, we believe in effortless procedure in place. We want to remove the unnecessary complexity from financing, making the borrower-lender relationship simpler than ever.


We set high standards for everything that we do. We believe in delivering only highest quality services, ensuring remarkable experience for every single borrower, investor, partner, and other party involved.


We believe that great relationships are built on mutual trust, and highly appreciate the trust our borrowers, investors and partners put in Prestamos Prima. Therefore, the information provided is treated with great respect, ensuring data safety by undertaking complex security measures.


Prestamos Prima stands for accessibility in various ways. We believe financing should be realistically accessible for all purposes, from smallest consumer loans to developing large-scale projects. We believe that every investor deserves access to a wide scope of investments, from refinancing payday loans to investing in quality real estate. Our philosophy is to build an open and accessible community within the company, as well as with our customers and partners.


We believe that speed, relevant knowledge, and abilities to react and adapt are crucial for building a great company and providing outstanding services. In Prestamos Prima, we believe this to be of immense importance nowadays, when technology and services are developing faster than ever, giving the opportunity to reshape the finance industry.


To challenge the traditional financing institutions. To become a leading provider of alternative financing in the Europe.


Andris Rozenbahs, Group CEO

Andris Rozenbahs, Group CEO

Andris possesses 15 years of experience in the industries of alternative financing and real estate. He has successfully built, managed and exited one of the biggest payday lending companies in Europe. Real estate development, building and financing is Andris's natural field of operation, his competence greatly improved while managing the largest real estate portfolio in the Baltics. Andris holds a professional and Masters degrees in Law from the University of Latvia.

Alisa Čevere, Managing Director, Twinero

Alisa Čevere, Managing Director, Twinero

Alisa has over 10 years experience in financial and investment services. She has held management level roles in companies located in Spain, Latvia and Russia. She holds a BSc diploma from Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration, has mastered six different languages, and possesses extensive knowledge in online marketing and SEO. Alisa joined Prestamos Prima group in 2012.

Kristaps Rozenbahs, Managing Director, Cochego

Kristaps Rozenbahs, Managing Director, Cochego

Kristaps studied Law in the University of Latvia, former CEO of the biggest veterinary medication wholesale company in Latvia. Since the foundation of VIA SMS, which was one of the first non-bank financial institutions in Latvia, Kristaps was one of the key figures of the team that expanded the company in 7 different countries across Europe.

Helena Fuentes, Compliance Officer

Helena Fuentes, Compliance Officer

Helena has over 10 years of experience in IT-related legal matters, specializing in data protection, e-commerce, consumer rights and online privacy. She has served as a consultant in litigation support, specializing in computer forensics and cyber crimes. Prior joining Prestamos Prima, Helena was working for companies like PwC and INCIDE.

Daniils Kostornijs, CTO

Daniils Kostornijs, CTO

Daniils has over 10 years in managing IT teams and processes in companies of various size like RSA, IBM and others. His “Always Can Do” approach and passion for building highly available systems while applying right technology is what proved him as an inseparable asset to the group.


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